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Our trust offers:

We are currently based across three London boroughs and the County of Suffolk and are diverse not only in the demographics of our environment but also in the range of teaching and support staff knowledge, backgrounds and experience.

We ensure all our schools are supported from day one, whether this is through physical attendance and support in school, to decision making or strategic thinking.

We provide supportive challenge in a nurturing environment which allows schools and their staff to grow with us on our learning journey.

Career opportunities
We are a multi-academy trust with a teaching school, teaching alliance and research school within our family who are well placed to support a diverse and wide range of CPD and career opportunities.

Dedicated business unit
Our central team underpins the business functions in all our schools, freeing up school support staff to develop more innovative ways of working to support pupils’ outcomes.

Through aggregated budgets we are able to achieve better economies of scale that ease the pressure of challenging school budgets.

Staff wellbeing
We value the health and wellbeing of staff and provide a support and guidance programme so they know they have access to holistic, traditional and independent support whenever they need it.

We provide a comprehensive governor induction programme so that any new governor knows what is expected of them in the role and how best they can provide challenge and support to their school. With a dedicated governance lead our governors and schools are always supported.